Patch Notes


12/3/2019 Released

Improved frame rate

  • Scrolling Shooter Stage "2-2", "4-1" and "5-1"
  • Stage "5-2"
  • Bosses in Area-4
  • Final Boss in Area-5

Difficulty level adjustment

Adjusted Bosses in Area-4

  • Adjusted some attacks

Adjusted Boss-1 in Area-5

  • Reduced the boss's durability slightly
  • Adjusted the boss's movement pattern

Adjusted Boss-2 (Final Boss) in area-5

  • Adjusted some attacks

Adjusted the enemy's durability in the tank stage

  • Reduced the durability of the enemy's tanks
  • Reduced the durability of the refrigerators

Adjusted player's tank performance

  • Increased the turret traverse speed
  • Increased firearm rapid-fire speed

The weapons released in Area-1 reduced the price by 100 JUNK

  • Paparazzo FM "Beginner"
  • Rocket Can Green "Beginner"
  • Assaultea Milk "Balanced"
  • Gas Dryer Set "Speed"
  • V8 Regular "Beginner"
  • Oil Sniper Marinade "Beginner"
  • Popgun Melon "Power"
  • CafĂ© Gun Sweetened "Speed"
  • Potato Gun Basil "Balanced"
  • Copter Barrier Green "Beginner"
  • Firewall Access Denied "Beginner"
  • Barrier Board Safety First "Beginner"
  • Theaturret

Weapon Adjustment

Popgun Melon "Power"

  • Increased rapid-fire speed

Sauce Laser Ketchup "Arsenal"

  • Increased damage

Sakura-39 Journey "Power"

  • Increased rapid-fire speed

Hydro-1000 Red "Beginner"

  • Increased move speed

Hydro-1000 Yellow "Power"

  • Increased move speed
  • Increased damage

UI Adjustment

Improved the readability of the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed other bugs