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Weapon introduction
Popgun Cola
Five a Day Cider
Dead-Ball Hit
Backfire Retro
Sauce Laser Mayo
Café Gun Low Sugar
Can-of-War Tuna
Debugger Roach
Scoville Gun Capsaicin
Pipeline Kerosene
Potato Gun Consommé
Order Up Stainless
Sakura-39 Graduation
Barrier Board At Work
V8 Diesel
Rub a Dub Dry
Mirror Laser Prism
Assaultea Lemon
Paparazzo SW
Gas Dryer Turbo
Parasol Shield Rain
Time to Die
Rocket Can Green
Army Toy Cdr. Spike
Try out the “Oil Sniper Al Ajillo”
Fan Service
Hydro-1000 Red
Firewall Pyrotechnic
Parabolic Laser HF